Ecotourism Camping in Ruby, Arizona

Ecotourism camping sites at Ruby, Arizona

The camping experience at Ruby is entirely self sufficient. Your camping site will not have any necessities or luxury amenities other than the outhouses.  We till NOT provide water, food, firewood, shelter or electricity. The available outhouses will, however, have toilet paper.

Camping in a natural area and rural  environment

Montana Peak towers over Town Lake, Ruby, Arizona (c) David Bygott
Montana Peak towers over Town Lake

Ecotourism camping means you bring your  own camping supplies and equipment. You will also be a responsible camper that preserves the natural area and take all your supplies and equipment home with you, including any trash. We do not have a trash dump or trash pickup service to the property.

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Natural Resource management

Dogs are welcome at Ruby, Az as long as you keep them on a leash and pick up any ‘doggie’ solid waste and place the it in the outhouse. If a generous camper has left excess wood at a campsite, you may use it. Our trees are part of the ecosystem and wildlife habitat and they not available as your firewood source. Bringing your own charcoal or firewood is a good idea.

Enjoy our  flora, fauna and wildlife

There are many interesting things to see and do in Ruby, Arizona.  A hike through town will give you a chance to discover our history. If you want to have more quiet activity, spend the afternoon on our lake in a canoe or observe the wildlife from your campsite.

In the summer you will wake to what sounds like wind on the mountain.  It is the sound of bats returning to the mine shaft at extreme speed.  Raptors are occasionally hoping for a catch.

Early morning mist over Town Lake, Ruby, Arizona (c) David Bygott

Take time for exploring, swimming, canoeing, photography and wildlife observation

Picnic Areas and Day Camping

There are picnic sites around the town lake and on the mine tailings that have fire pits or barbeques. Use these facilities for cooking and camp fires. If the fire danger is high, the Caretaker may limit the use of open fires. Following any warnings on the Coronado National Forest signs, passed on the road inward,  is wise.

Fees support conservation and preservation

We are in the mode of creating more camp sites, but it is a slow process. Roof repair for the remaining structures and rain water collection are given a higher priority.

All of the camping and picnic fees support our preservation efforts here at Ruby, Arizona. We are also committed to advancing environmental awareness and conservation of the biological diversity for future generations.