Fishing in Ruby, Arizona

Private fishing lakes in Ruby, Arizona

The fishing at Ruby, Arizona is on private lakes for a fee/person basis. Some of our regular visitors come just for the fishing! We have worked to revive a sustainable lake habitat and improve the recreational fishing in Ruby, Arizona.

Fishing in Ruby, Arizona private lakes

The lakes have never been stocked, but were seeded over time with blue gill, catfish and large mouth bass that overflowed from Eagle Lake in the Coronado National Forest just east of Ruby.

‘Catch and Release’ fishing policy for Ruby, Arizona

Rules and regulations for fishing are Catch and Release of Bass until we re-evaluate.

The perimeter fence surrounding Ruby, Arizona has resulted in a noticeable improvement in water quality of the two lakes, Town Lake and Mineral (Sovako) Lake. In previous years, cattle would wander into the lakes, adding a burdensome nutrient load and stirring up the bottom silt, making for low visibility.

In 2009 sterile grass carp were added to both lakes for weed control. As a result, the lakes are more clear, there is less weed encroachment, and fishing has become less of a challenge.  The carp aged out after 10.

Fishing conditions in Ruby, Arizona lakes

Great Blue Heron at Town Lake, Ruby, Arizona; Photography by David Bygott

The Town Lake is almost dry due to lack of rainfall. The photo  illustrates its last water as it dried up. The catchment for this lake runs up behind the school and mercantile.

Fishing rules and restrictions

  • No live bait allowed to be released into lake.
  • Electric motors are ok.

We request all equipment, fishing tackle, rat-nests of line, drink cans, snack wrappers and bait containers go home with you.  We once found an owl with fishing line entrapment of its legs!

Walk your equipment and fishing gear across the mine tailings from ramada because we get too many vehicles trapped in deep sand. We want you to keep your vehicles behind the barrier.

Have fun and put the large mouth Bass back in the lake.

Fishing at Town Lake, Ruby, Arizona

You are not required to have an Arizona Fishing License as long as you are registered with caretaker.