Tallia P. Cahoon

Men-leaving-mine2Ruby is privileged to have as its historian Tallia Pfrimmer Cahoon, daughter of one of the mine’s engineers during the 1920’s and 30’s. Tallia grew up there and, after a long teaching career, has become the town’s historian. She has an impressive collection of photos and documents that give graphic evidence of the town’s colorful past.

Along with the Ring brothers Al and Bob, she co-authored the book Ruby, Arizona, Mining, Mayhem, and Murder which gives a detailed history of the town from the mid 1850’s to its purchase by the current owners.
Tallia Pfrimmer Cahoon is occasionally available for private tours of Ruby, Arizona. Contact the Ruby Az administrators by using the Contact page to receive more current information regarding guided tours. 

Ruby’s history and development as a prosperous mining town 1870’s -1930’s is very interesting reading.

Ruby’s best years 1928 – 1941 as a Southern Arizona mining camp, as recollected by Tallia Pfrimmer Cahoon.

Ruby, Arizona is a privately-owned, well-preserved Southern Arizona ghost town that is well worth the visit. The current owners have a conservation plan to preserve, repair and stabilize the original buildings. In conjunction with the preservation efforts, the property is in transition to be a wildlife refuge and an eco-friendly recreational area for hiking, camping and fishing.

Visitors need a PERMIT to enter Ruby, Arizona. Contact the property administrators via the Contact page and submit a PERMIT application.