Questions About Visiting Ruby Az

Ruby, Arizona is open for history, fishing and camping.

PERMITS are now available in LIMITED numbers.

How long to get to Ruby Az from Tucson ?

Two hours.

Are there places to eat on the way?

Gadsen Coffee House in Arivaca is open on weekends for breakfast, lunch and GREAT coffee.  There is bar in town that has cafe also.  The Arivaca website  may provide additional information about restaurants and services not listed here.

Can our dogs exlore Ruby Az too?

Ruby is a high rabies incidence area.  Be sure your dog’s vaccinations are up to date and a leash is needed to respect comfort of other visitors.  Please dispose of dog manure in outhouses.  Thanks.

Can we look in the mine?

NO, the mine shafts are vertical, not horizontal.  The support pillars were “robbed” after the mine closed leaving the mine shaft openings  unstable and NOT SAFE for public viewing.

When are the bats at Ruby Az?

The bats usually arrive by late April and leave Ruby in August. Their residence time is variable with the weather, available bug life and moisture.

What is the condition of Ruby Road?

In the summer,  monsoon rains can wash out portions and make it difficult for “town cars”.  But once it is graded it stays quite passable for a year.  Low clearance vehicles can usually drive there safely most of the year.  Just use common sense with speed and avoid large rocks.  Any puddles are usually rocky bottomed and have never been mud filled….for last 40 yrs.

Road conditions for travelling to Ruby are often posted on the Ruby, Arizona facebook page.

Can we sleep near Ruby Az without camping?

Yes.  Arivaca Action Center has 2 hospitality suites, ranging in price  $60-85/night.  CALL 591-0852 for availability.  If you look at the  Arivaca website you will find other Bed&Breakfast information and such.