Ruby, Arizona Disclaimer

Potentially Dangerous Place

Remember you are visiting a potentially dangerous place.  Mines are native in Arizona and as such, there are holes in the ground, slippery rocks, and desert plants which like to prickle.

Scant Amenities

We have provided 3 outhouses with toilet paper, shade at the tailings and little else.   You must bring your own water, food and firewood.

Fire Risks

There are a couple tire rims meant for fires DURING THE WET SEASON.  We have fire fear here as does the whole forest.  Please follow the caretaker or Coronado National Forest directives regarding fire danger.  Use common sense please.


The wildlife is beautiful and natural to Ruby and the Coronado National Forest.  Please enjoy what you see and try to leave Ruby as tidy as you can.   We once found an owl tangled in fishing line.  If you see refuse, we would be pleased if you hauled it back to town for us.

Children should be monitored where ever they are.  We do have large predators in the area and although their natural prey are deer they sometimes could make a mistake.

When exploring buildings remember there could be other inhabitants too.  Don’t frighten them and you will be more safe.