Ruby Historic Preservation Project

Ruby is worthy of historic preservation

Ruby, Arizona schoolhouse window renovation work
Ruby, Arizona schoolhouse building

Ruby was approved for listing with the National Register of Historic Places in 1975. The property owners have started a historic preservation project to restore a small part of the old town to some of its original form. The Arizona State Parks Board provided Ruby with a historic preservation grant in 1993 to begin this restoration. That initial phase focused on re-establishing the perimeter fences and stabilizing the remaining historic buildings until actual restoration can begin.In 2007, the Southwestern Foundation awarded Ruby a historic preservation grant to do extensive stabilization of the School, Warehouse and Courthouse. Work on this phase, including a new front wall in the School House, began in November, 2009 and continues to this date.

Ruby Mines Restoration Foundation awarded non-profit status

Ruby, Arizona historic preservation team restore plasterLast year, Ruby applied for, and was given, non-profit 501(c)3 status for its restoration foundation, the Ruby Mines Restoration Project [EIN 36-4661715]. This allows it to receive donations and apply for historic preservation grants to carry out the  restoration and stabilization work.

Ruby has contributed greatly to the economic, cultural and historic development of the region.

There are buildings that, in addition to their value as tourist attractions, have relevance to the town’s listing on the National Register of Historic Places. They range in structural condition from good (Jail) to safety hazards (Barracks, Assay Office). There are buildings on the property that can be restored to some degree of their original condition and work has begun on some of them. Because of Ruby’s listing as a historic site, building facades are to be preserved and maintained as close to period appearance as possible. Interiors may be adapted to modern styles.

Historic preservation not always reasonable

Ruby, Arizona schoolhouse front adobe wall restoration process
Ruby, Arizona schoolhouse adobe wall restoration project

Then there are buildings that are beyond recovery and have become hazardous. These will be carefully taken apart. All worthwhile materials will be salvaged for use in other buildings that are in better structural condition for historic preservation efforts.

Water conservation tanks promote historic preservation

Judges, water tankOur restoration work has  slowed considerably by lack of water at each site.  This summer (2014) we have placed 3 tanks to catch and store rainwater for use at 3 houses (Judges, Woodard,  Morton).

The foundation on the SW end of the Woodard house was put in place as the third tank cement dried!

Ruby Woodard, foundation-2

We look forward to water tanks installed at the school so that we will have water available to finish the plastering, repair the gable, and install the windows.