updates for travel to Ruby

It is easier to use facebook to do current happenings. Please email me if that seems impossible. Ruby, Arizona is the name.

Right now (Nov) we have paved over potholes from Arivaca and rough but passable dirt for the last 6 miles.
The weather is so warm that the insects which usually go dormant are alive and desperate for food……which our human food is trying to replace…..so they will hang around and scare you. They will walk on you. As long as you don’t accidentally squeeze them they should not sting. We had 20 of us at Thanksgiving and only one man squeezed a bee. Truly there were probably 40 bees and hornets…..trying to eat and drink with us.
We stayed for 3 days and only one sting occurred as I lowered my arm, ouch. Let’s hope we do not lose our pollinating bees!